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Reveal the truth about adrenal fatigue that your doctor isn’t telling you so that you can address the root cause issues around your exhaustion and thinning hair.

stress and your thyroid

Understand the relationship between stress and blood sugar that puts the brakes on fat loss and what you can do about it.

stress and your
blood sugar

Uncover how stress literally changes hormone production in your body leading to conditions like Estrogen Dominance and weight gain, aka
 “The Cortisol Steal”. 

stress and your hormones

In only 60 minutes you will....





Learn proven techniques to manage stress in your life and start seeing the weight drop and your energy soar!

My Fatigued to                    Ladies are proof  YOU can too!


Here are a few things you should know about me...

I turned 50 this year and I'm all about PRO-AGING!  That means glowing skin, great muscle tone, wearing anything I want, and being up for all kinds of adventures with my gorgeous husband and amazing kids!  Loving where I'm at in life, and being present for all the special moments!

Great nutrition is the basis for mental and physical wellness.  So eat your Veggies, and supplement as needed for Optimal Wellbeing! But that's just the first step.  Detoxing, Movement, Hormones, and Stress Management are key fundamentals to be mastered!

I had my 1st health turnaround at age 40 when I lost 13 pounds in 30 days by restoring nutrient deficiencies, reducing toxicities and healing root cause imbalances in my body!  Then it was post Birth Control Crazies...and now The Change! 

Menopause isn't a disease to be cured.
  It's a natural transition and you deserve to move through it with ease and grace, so you can share your wisdom with the world.  Just like I am!  But you have to get a handle on your CHRONIC STRESS so that you can Shine Lady Shine! 💫 

founder of shift into health, certified integrative health practioner, nutrition nerd🌿 & global wanderer!

I'm Jen O!

Oh hey! I'm so glad you're here!