I was also living with the bad financial decisions I made in my 20's.  Credit cards, yup I had them and I used them!  

My big aha moment came when I was packing to go to Florence Italy!  Bringing my new, global team together!  (I was a great boss, they said so!) Here's the thing.....none of my clothes fit! 

Tears of frustration in the dressing room, having to buy clothes in a size I had never seen before and never wanted to again!!

At forty years old, I was an exhausted, overstressed, undernourished, overweight corporate executive who was killing herself in the gym with no noticeable results!

My idea of lunch involved a drive through window and feeding my Diet Soda addiction. No matter what I tried or how hard I worked out, nothing changed.

Let's not forget the days of corporate travel, happy hours, and catered work conferences!  Temptations everywhere!


Hey friend! I'm Jennifer

Are you tired of feeling tired...?  I can help with that!

...Have you lost that sexy confidence that makes you feel like the world is glowing under your feet?

...How about standing in the aisle of the health food store and thinking, “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

I can help you gain confidence, *finally* crack the code on personal nutrition, and help you understand where to start!

Let's work together

I met someone who looked how I wanted to feel. She was confident, happy, put together…all the things I wanted to be. 

 And all she had to say was, “Jen, you know if you don’t like it, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.”  My transformation began!

Five short days after starting, I woke up with no brain fog. I felt awake and alive for the first time in years! Two weeks in people said, “Jen you’re glowing!”

 And by the end of the 30 days, I had lost 13 pounds without "hanger", fit into my clothes, and felt amazing! 

I want to put you on the path to feeling like the BEST version of yourself! Like a Mercedes, roaring down the road feeling confident, sexy, and stylish.  Do you and your body deserve any less?

my personal miracle happened!  

here's what happened next...

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Can you relate?


I"m obsessed with movies and will be your ace in the hole at trivia night!


Beach or Mountains...beach wins every time!

a few things you should know...


I will never ask you to meal prep 3 perfect meals a day, 7 Days a week!


I believe eating is not just fuel, but celebration, & I will never ask you to give up your vino!

Two of my biggest loves

my husband, Shlomi!

travel  adventures!

Make your day simple with smoothies, snacks, drinks, skincare, and organic adult beverages.

my favorite things!


Create an income producing asset to fund your ideal life!

Fund Your Dreams with Residual Income!


My signature 30 Day Wellness Nutrition and Coaching Toolkit

Start Your Transformation!


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