Get ready to be inspired! Chris Janke and I talk about my journey to being a health coach and how I help people. PLUS steps I take everyday to maintain a healthful lifestyle (I promise I'm no superhero!) and tricks on how I focus.

It's not about self sacrifice, it's about taking care of yourself and then being an inspiration and role model to pass on.

Health in the Real World with Chris Janke and Jen Oknin:


"I help people rediscover their purpose driven    inside that they may have lost along the way!


After working my way up at MBNA and then General Electric, I demonstrated leadership in both people-first cultures and the traditional Top-Down GE-world of Jack Welsh. I spent the first 20 years of my career traveling the world for a Fortune 10 company. I was successful, built great teams, and accomplished amazing things...but long days and frequent travel took a toll on my overall health.  Listen to how I turned it all around!

The BrandiT Podcast


As my corporate culture changed, I turned to entrepreneurship and have found network marketing to be a great way to develop personally while gaining financially along the way.  LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

Here is my career journey! I describe myself as a corporate dropout turned entrepreneur. I am a lifestyle and health coach with a passion for helping people through my own business, Shift Into Health.

Learn about some big decisions I made in my career including moving across the country and my more recent one of leaving the corporate world for the world of entrepreneurship. 

The Full PotentiaL Podcast - Episode 041 - Jen Oknin



Ready to wake up energized and own your day?

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