Our business mentor and partner is Jen Oknin.  She has a drive for knowledge and success, and has previous experience as a highly regarded corporate executive . The skills necessary to build and maintain a business were there and she encompasses the mental clarity and grit to know how to hold you accountable without being overbearing.  We chose a winner! With just under a year of being actively involved, we are beyond excited with where our company is headed.

“Jen is authentic, straight forward, and very professional, but with a kind human character”

I met Trish through her husband Mike.  After a multifaceted working career of 48 years, he retired in December of 2020 from a JOB, and was ready to build a business with Trish. They wanted the Wellness space, and interviewed several coaches to find the best to lead them to a business victory.  They followed my recommendation to start with Signature 30 Day Wellness Nutrition and Coaching Toolkit and had a great transformation.  Now as business partners, I mentor them on the tools and systems that drove my success, including networking, social media, and nutrition.

Trish & Mike


Client  results....

Jen is an excellent professional in so many levels. I had the honor to work with her in our time at General Electric and she is a great leader; a great communicator, accountable, confident, positive and resilient. As a wellness coach she is awesome. She makes sure that you have your goals very clear and motivates you to reach them. She walks with you in your journey and she makes sure your questions are resolved. She has been my wellness coach for the last 6 years and I have definitely reached my goals with her help!   She is very knowledgeable and empathic.

“Jen really listens to you and your needs and designs the custom program that is perfect for you!”

Sandra is a busy professional in the IT space.  She was looking for ways to make healthy eating simple.  She also wanted to release some weight and gain energy.  She started with Signature 30 Day Wellness Nutrition and Coaching Toolkit.  She choose whey protein options, followed the recommended schedule and achieved success!  After the weight loss, I showed her how to use her favorite products to help maintain her weight and energy and I'm proud to say she is a raving fan! 

sandra P.


Jen has been a phenomenal business leader / partner from the start. We met 2 years ago & she has been an integral part of my growth personally and professionally.
Her positivity is contagious, the business tools she offers are ideal for my hectic schedule, with easy access and user friendly interfacing to work efficiently in the pockets of my day. She meets me where I am in my life and helps keep me on track in the kindest way.

Leigh Anne found me on LinkedIn and was drawn to my story of  transformation.  We clicked! She needed to get her shine back on and regain her confidence.  Leigh Anne began with my Signature 30 Day Wellness Nutrition & Coaching tookit.  She also quickly put together an accountability team so her tribe could get healthy together.  One of the best things for Leigh Anne is that she ended up SAVING MONEY vs her previous food spend!

leigh Anne W


“There are many leaders in this business...I'm truly grateful I chose Jen!”

I have continually appreciated her expertise and leadership as well as the creativity she brings to all of her work. She makes herself available, is extremely organized and goal-oriented, and I feel very fortunate to get to work with her and share in the inspiring attitude that she puts into all she does.

“I have worked with Jen over the past two years, she has been a coach and advisor to me, always going above and beyond to connect and motivate others”

Lori was a classic case of needing more energy and finding foods that supported her nutritional sensitivities and needs.  She started with my Signature 30 Day Wellness Nutrition and Coaching Toolkit.  What I love about the options we chose for her was that breakfast, snacks, and lunch became so simple!  After using the intermittent fasting to deal with toxicity, her energy really surged.  Now she is maintaining a great energy level by using her favorite products each month!   

lori h


Jen has always been an inspirational person as long as I’ve known her (since our college days), and she’s been a wonderful motivational coach and is very knowledgeable. 
Working with her  I found nutrition that lit me up and made me feel better in my 40’s than I felt in my 20’s and 30’s!  She helped me to lose weight and gain so much energy at the same time. 

“Jen is an AMAZING health and wellness coach!”

When Ann reached out to me, she was at least 20 pounds overweight, undernourished, overstressed, and tired.  She was ready to go ALL IN because she was inspired by a post on Facebook that a mutual college friend and client of mine had shared about her amazing results.  Ann chose my Ultimate Wellness Toolkit and never looked back!  She was so coachable and followed the program well.  I'm so happy for her results!  It means everything when you can help a terrific college roommate and Delta Zeta sorority sister!  Go DZ!

Ann C


I met Jen at a networking conference in early 2016. A few months later, I decided to reach out to her about working with her. Jen took the time to connect and coach me to make sure I was sticking to my goals and meal plan. She made sure I was comfortable with the recommendations and was happy! Here we are almost a year later, and I have almost reached my health and weight loss goals and I know I couldn't have done it without her encouragement. Thanks, Jen! 

“Jen helps us find our WHY & uses it to help motivate us to move forward to reach our goals nutritionally, and in life.”

Mary Ellen was one of my earliest clients and every time I see her on Facebook, I can't help but smile!  She was struggling to release her college weight and came to me for help.  Not only did she have a terrific wellbeing transformation, but she gained so much confidence!  She took a chance and applied for a new job and got it!  She also now has a successful photography business!  And best of all, today she looks amazing, having created a healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

Mary Ellen D


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